Team Profile: Colby Walls

Colby is Raison’s center of balance—our equally right- and left-brained designer and project manager. He’s as even keeled as they come (excepting pinatas) and keeps projects moving smoothly through completion.

Raison d’etre is some fancy French-ness. What’s your favorite fancy and French thing?

Escargot checks both of those boxes. Oui! Oui!

What’s the weirdest task you’ve done for Raison?

On my second day, I was asked to hit a poop emoji pinata with the business end of a broom while Lee photographed it. I wonder what ever happened with those photos…

How do you feel about the color pink?

We’re cool.

Do you know how to jump rope? How confident are you in this skill?

If I had been asked this question when I was in sixth-grade (my heyday), I would have said, step back and take notes! I’m slightly out of practice since then, but I’m confident I could pick up the rope and jump it with ease.

What do your friends and family know you for?

I’ve heard this line from my friends and family, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen ‘angry’ Colby.”  So, I would say that I’m known for my ability to keep an even temper. I don’t get riled up particularly easily and when I do, I rarely show it. That being said, three years of Philadelphia driving hardened me a bit so ‘angry’ Colby tends to manifest itself behind the wheel.

Everyone at Raison wears lots of hats. And not the beret type. What’s your favorite hat? Figuratively and literally.

My literal hat is a backwards ball cap with an interesting logo on it. Done!

My figurative hat is that of a designer/project manager. I know that’s technically two hats so I’ll elaborate. Many online tests have confirmed that my brain is split nearly 50/50 between left-brain and right-brain. I sometimes get burnt out creatively, but nothing refreshes me more than planning out project schedule or creating an invoice.

Thanks for answering our questions Colby, and thanks for showing that pinata who’s boss. If you want to work with a designer/project manager who will keep things both engaging and on schedule, head on over to the contact page.