French Western—a curated playlist by Raison

Finally, the first Raison playlist is here! Creativity needs to be fed and one of the ways I feed my creative hunger pangs is by feasting on music. I love finding hidden song gems and getting creative with a well-curated playlist.

This playlist was started when I heard the song Western by Yann Tiersen, well-known for the Ameila soundtrack. It got me thinking about Spaghetti Westerns and how interesting it is that Italians made the best American Westerns. So what if it was the French instead. Maybe it would sound like this.

French Western from raison on 8tracks Radio.

Here’s the playlist breakdown:

1. Western, Yann Tiersen

2. Les Juenes Posses, Françoiz Breut

Françoiz Breut’s frequent collaborations with Tucson band, Calexico, make her a sort of patron saint of a French Western sound.

3. Bonnie & Clyde, Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot

4. La Horse, Serge Gainsbourg

5. Nom de Plume, Calexico

Not French, but the band loves to pair it’s bordertown sounds with a number of French chanteuses.

6. Further South, Yann Tiersen

7. La Garçonniere, Benjamin Biolay

8. Little Darlin’, Benjamin Biolay

9. Voyage, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Daughter of Serge, renowned actress, Charlotte collaborated with Beck on this one.

10. BXL Bleutte, Françoiz Breut

11. Si Tu Disais, Françoiz Breut

Benjamin Biolay recorded this one as well as Calexico.

12. Solitaires, Thomas Dutronc

13. Le Blues de Dix-Neuf Heures Trente, Primitifs du Futur

Some French guys and famous comic artist R. Crumb on banjo and mandolin make for some quality old style instrumentals.

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